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interested with public speaking world or more precisely broadcasting when I won news anchor in English competition back in high school, then deepens public speaking by continuing education at Padjadjaran University, majoring in Journalism. While studying journalism, I have been directly involved in the world of broadcasting by becoming a broadcaster on KLCBS radio Bandung in 2007.

In 2009 I wanted to explore more about journalism and become a broadcaster on PRFM radio (Pikiran Rakyat) with the concept of News Channel. By switching to PRFM radio I have the opportunity to further explore various topics around society, cultural, political, economic, health, and even entertainment.With plunging into the broadcasting world, I also become a voice actor for advertising, video tutorials, and various types of voice content required by clients.

I also hosts talk shows, become moderators and emcees on various occasions. Topics that were delivered were varied, such as topics around youth, sports, events organized by the government or private companies. Not only hosting a formal event, but I also can host non-formal fun events such as musical performances, birthdays, weddings.

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